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Mind the Lab (MTL) is a breakthrough science communication approach which aims to literally bring science to the general public. It’s a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) awareness raising campaign that takes place at metro stations (its name was inspired by the well-known “Mind the Gap” notice in metro stations). It targets all citizens (metro passengers), no matter their age, sex, ethnicity, educational and social background or interests, and fosters the active participation and engagement of all parts of society in scientific and technological advances, which affect our everyday lives and address the challenges that recent societies face.

It is a single day event which takes place annually on the same day in different cities around the world. Scientists, inventors, researchers, teachers and students from local and national research and educational institutions present their work and findings at the metro stations. By developing a vivid, friendly and inviting street science environment through interactive exhibits, scientific experiments, artistic shows, stand up acts, games and hands-on applications, metro passengers are being engaged in a unique science communication experience.

MTL stimulates the interest in science of diverse audiences, including young people, who have no access to or are not particularly interested in scientific and technological topics. Hence, a “pop culture” of science is being developed, providing at the same time a unique opportunity for the various players in and around the scientific community (e.g. scientists; technology-related companies; decision-makers; educators/teachers and students) to network, collaborate and inspire one another.

Mind the Lab is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) awareness raising campaign that aims to stimulate people’s interest in science during a very short time interval. It addresses all citizens (metro passengers), no matter their age, educational and social background or interests. This way the general public can be actually engaged in a science communication experience through interactive exhibits, shows, stand up acts, and street science.

The first Mind the Lab event took place in the Athens metro, Greece in February 2017. Passionate scientists, inventors, researchers, teachers and students from more than 20 Greek research and educational Institutions presented in an interactive way their scientific experiments, technological applications, games and artistic shows at 8 metro stations, and interacted with more than 10,000 metro passengers.

Our vision is to make this initiative international. In 2018 Mind the Lab will travel, apart from Athens, in Berlin, Madrid and Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Edinburgh in order to bring science on people’s way.




Mind the Lab
at your city

In 2018 Mind the Lab will travel across different countries around the world in order to literally bring science on people’s way.

We envisage that the event will take place in different cities on the same day, thereby increasing its social awareness and impact and at the same time connect people through science. We invite research, innovation, technology and outreach institutions to join our consortium.

We provide all hosting Institutions with helpful document and files to prepare and execute a Mind the Lab successfully. If you find this initiative exciting don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


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